October 31, 2010, 911 North

By: badkins55

Oct 31 2010

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/59 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

That’s Jana holding her daughter Caitlyn.  Jana’s son Patrick is distributing candy to the evening’s various ghosts, ghouls, fairies and pumpkins while his grand parents watch.

This photo is how I remember Halloween both as a child and as a parent of young children.  A soft autumn evening, the streets full of costumed kids, slightly scary, slightly silly, parents trailing just a step or two behind but urging their little mermaids or pirates along to the next lighted porch and reminding them to say “Trick or Treat.”  I hope Patrick and Caitlyn remember the wonder of it all and pass it along to their kids.

2 comments on “October 31, 2010, 911 North”

  1. Thanks for a great picture Bill. We had over 80 little ‘goblins’ in Mt. Airy last evening.

  2. Cate and I had a great time with you. Thanks for coming and perfectly capturing the evening! Do you have plans to sell your photos?

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