November 11, 2014, Memorial Park

By: badkins55

Nov 11 2014

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Focal Length:120mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

I think I have shot the Veteran’s Day Service in Memorial Park each year of this project.  Today I made it a point to arrive an hour early to catch some of the set-up work before the actual ceremony.

And that is how I was lucky enough to photograph Jack as he adjusted a flag near the Korean War Memorial.  Jack served in the Army during that war.  I deeply appreciate his service on my behalf.

I have noticed each year that I have shot this ceremony that the preschool across the street walks their students out to watch the beginning of the service.  Very touching.

For the photographers out there:  I first noticed Jack adjusting these flags when I was standing almost on the other side of the park.  I started a quick walk towards him hoping that he would not finish before I got into position.  I was mentally saying to him, “Give me 30 more seconds, just 30 seconds.”  As I was walking I decided he should be back lit and I began to make the needed adjustments to the camera.  I found my position, the flags blew a bit in the light breeze, Jack made the final adjustment and smiled, and I pushed the little button.  This is what I live for.

2 comments on “November 11, 2014, Memorial Park”

  1. And you are so good at what you live for!!

  2. totally agree with that!

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