November 17, 2014, Maxwell between Church and 2nd

By: badkins55

Nov 17 2014

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Focal Length:170mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

First of all, there is nothing sharp or in focus in this photo.  But we have all taken photos like this.

I was standing pretty much in the same spot where I shot yesterday’s scene when this fellow in the red hat jogs by (actually, I jog, this guy was running).  I took several steps, turned to my left and fired off a few frames.  And since I did not have a chance to reset the camera I ended up with a classic, but not perfect, grab shot.  But I like the framing and the color palette so this less than pristine photo ends up as my post for today.

2 comments on “November 17, 2014, Maxwell between Church and 2nd”

  1. and what is wrong with it??

  2. And I bet if you took a picture tomorrow from the same location, it would totally be different…..the leaves would be gone!! BRRRRRR!!

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