January 3, 2015, 17 East Church

By: badkins55

Jan 03 2015

Category: Frederick, Maryland


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:30 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This is another one of the classic views of the Historic District that every photographer working in town shoots sooner or later (including me).  Usually it is a long horizontal shot that includes the cupola on top of City Hall just to the right of what you see here.  If you look closely you can see tripod marks in the deck of the top level of the parking garage (just kidding about that part, but maybe not so much).

Anyway, Lamb Chop and I had dinner with a friend downtown this evening and I parked on the top level of the deck to see if I could find today’s blog post.  While they sat patiently in the car I wandered around looking for the unusual angle from this location that had not yet been shot.  Having found nothing on the north, south or east I went over to the west edge and was happy to find the three windows in the foreground illuminated.

And those windows, along with the light fog, turned this slightly over done view into something that I wanted to shoot again.

3 comments on “January 3, 2015, 17 East Church”

  1. LOVE IT! A real “feel” of the evening, damp and cold.

  2. Great shot! Wonderfully composed!

  3. I am loving your night shots! This one is special. I have been in that spot (but not with tripod) and got some nice sunset shots.

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