July 22, 2015, 200 East Patrick (rear)

By: badkins55

Jul 22 2015


Category: Frederick, Maryland, Uncategorized


Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

In the past I have made it a point to photograph old painted signs on the sides of buildings throughout the Historic District before they disappear.  I don’t know how old this painted sign is but I think it will soon be gone.

For the photo geeks:  (1) Although I have been thinking about shooting this sign for awhile now I waited for clouds in a blue sky to match the sky in the painting.  And (2), for a shot like this the “Sunny 16” rule is your best friend.

5 comments on “July 22, 2015, 200 East Patrick (rear)”


  2. Just to let you know that I think your photos are wonderful! I’ve lived in Frederick for 50 years and continue to love the city. Thank you for helping me focus on some of the way smaller and way larger aspects of our beautiful city.

  3. One of your best shots!!

  4. I remember when this painting was done. Great shot!

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