December 29, 2015, 107 East 5th

By: badkins55

Dec 29 2015

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Category: Frederick, Maryland


Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This is the same location as yesterday’s photo.  When I was there yesterday I noticed this piano sitting in the front room of the house but I could not get a good angle for a shot for fear of falling through the rotting floor.  And aside from that, I already had a pretty good photo in the can for yesterday’s post.

But I had already made this picture in my mind’s eye and couldn’t stop seeing it.  So today I went back to move the photo from my mind to film (Well not exactly film since I recorded the scene digitally, but film kinda’ sounds better than “from my mind to a digital sensor”.  Call it poetic license.).

But I still wasn’t going to put my hefty frame on that floor.  So I took a sturdy mono pod with me and, after setting the timer, used that to push the camera way into the room through a broken window pane.  Since I couldn’t see what I was shooting as I was shooting I took wide shots so that I could adjust for level and crop as needed.  It worked.

For the photo geeks:  This picture as I envisioned it yesterday was to be presented in soft, muted colors.  But when I arrived today I found a brilliant blue piece of plastic on the floor in front of the piano so muted colors became monochrome.

6 comments on “December 29, 2015, 107 East 5th”

  1. Another great photo Bill. Once again, thanks for pulling the veil back and allowing us to see! And for me, in this shot, I can imagine so much life and music that was.

  2. Most of downtown is in fine shape for its age! Some not so great, but it does make for fine photography.

  3. This picture makes me a little sad for the life that was lived there and appears to later have been abandoned. Or maybe the life was just lived to fruition. But I imagine it was once a home filled with hustle and bustle and a family that loved it!

  4. It has its own beauty

  5. A great image, once again.
    Did the piano end up in the dumpster, or did they manage to rescue it?

    • I think they checked with a local expert or two and determined that the piano was worth little. I am pretty sure it ended up in the dumpster.

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