March 10, 2016, 201 and 203 East 2nd

By: badkins55

Mar 10 2016

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Category: Frederick, Maryland


Focal Length:45mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This duplex always draws by eye as I pass.  The architecture and construction materials are not unique to the Historic District but they are uncommon and striking.

There appears to be an interesting story behind the addresses of these two homes.  If you look closely at the transoms above each door you will see the numbers 61 and 63 built into the glass work.  Those numbers were made to be a permanent part of each entrance and they have indeed survived.

But they no longer indicate the street address of these two homes.  The newer addresses can be seen on each door beneath the door knobs.  At some point in this street’s history the address scheme was changed.  Thankfully, the transoms were not changed.

Does anyone know when or why the addresses were changed on East 2nd?

And for those of you that know this corner, Pippa was apparently not in residence today.

3 comments on “March 10, 2016, 201 and 203 East 2nd”

  1. One of these houses was on the Christmas home tour in 2014. They were built and owned by two brothers. I believe their last name was RosenstI know.

  2. Hi Bill – you caught a rare moment that Pippa and Josée weren’t in the window! They were out back surveying their kingdom from the studio porch! The houses were built in 1898 by the Rosenstock brothers. 203 (63 in the old days) was purchased by William Leberz (a great uncle of L.O.V.E., the Oil & Vinegar Shop owner) and one of the brothers who started Everedy Square Bottling Company. I’m not sure why the change from 63 to 203 – I assume expansion from Market Street. However, we always tell people the address and that the stained glass transom says 63.

  3. Sherri, I roll through that intersection pretty much everyday and usually see Pippa nonchalantly watching her street. I have photographed her once or twice before for my blog and have to restrain myself from shooting her more often. And I know for a fact that others have photographed her, too. She is a touch stone on East 2nd. And thanks for the history on the house… Bill

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