March 15, 2016, 123 North Market

By: badkins55

Mar 15 2016

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There are quite a few of these tiled entrances to buildings in the Historic District.  This one may one of the most interesting and yet still one of the most obscure that I know of.

I find it interesting because it looks like each and every one of those tiny tiles was set by hand in a random but very art deco pattern.  It is obscure because, well, it just does not jump out at passers by.  You really have to look for it even though it is right there on Market Street.

And even though I have been in this town for decades and decades I do not recall a store named “Bennett’s.”  Can anyone provide any insight?

2 comments on “March 15, 2016, 123 North Market”

  1. Yes, I do remember Bennett’s. I think they sold soft goods. The family that owned it lived in the 1st block of East Third. They closed the shop and left town in the late 50’s-early 60’s.

  2. I worked at Bennett’s while going to college from the fall of 1963 until the summer of 1965. When I began, Bennett’s was a full department store, but was in transition to being just a childrens clothing shop. Bill Bennett was the owner and store manager and his wife Evelyn (Bunny) also worked in the store. bills brother and his wife lived in an apartment on the second floor of the building. The childrens shop did not do well and Bill and his family closed it around 1968 and moved to Australia. Ellen Woodcock

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