May 17, 2018, Baker Park near Bentz

By: badkins55

May 17 2018

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

One of my friends on Facebook called the flood control project failed and just a tourist trap.  I would have to disagree strongly.

Today, Carroll Creek is not raging as it has been the last few days, but there is still a huge amount of water flowing into the diversion tunnels that protect the Historic District.

4 comments on “May 17, 2018, Baker Park near Bentz”

  1. As one who has seen the success of the flood control project first hand I agree with you heartedly. The flood control project has allowed for the economic development along Carroll Creek that simply would have not otherwise been possible. I was actually in the creek, in waders, during the passover of our last named hurricane; the current in the creek was not significantly different than during an average summer storm. The 4 large conduits diverted the water underground and away from downtown as envisioned.
    No project is perfect, but a “tourist trap” couldn’t be further from reality.

    Kudos to Ron Young who championed it and the design team that implemented it.

    Pete Kremers

  2. Totally agree that the flood control system is functioning as designed. Some folks see the flooding in the park and at the lake and don’t realize that the park and lake are the flood plain also protecting homes and businesses and designed to function with the linear park protections

  3. I’d have to guess that FB friend wasn’t in Frederick when Hurricane Agnes hit Frederick and the Weinberg Center was under water. That would surely have been the case again MANY times if it weren’t for the flood control project.

    Guessing this same friend doesn’t remember the many years when the area was NOT particularly attractive… but it still protected downtown. The Community Bridge was the “birth” of its currently beauty…and a big WOO HOO that it attracts tourists and their dollars to our town!

  4. Without the flood control project, many shops along the creek would have flooded basememnts or worse!

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