November 2, 2018, East 2nd near Market

By: badkins55

Nov 02 2018

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Focal Length:115mm
Shutter:30 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

It was raining quite hard when I took this photo so I found little in the way of humanity to walk through my scene.  And although I was completely soaked, the really, really heavy rain started once I got back to the car.  But I got my daily photo and I do enjoy being out in weather that is doing something, so it is all good.

3 comments on “November 2, 2018, East 2nd near Market”

  1. What wonderful colors in this! The reflections of color in the sidewalks and walls make this one really spectacular! Thank you so much for the great shots you make every day – I should comment more often than I do so you would know how much I appreciate and enjoy them. When I go through all the daily emails, I always save these til last, because then I can take a relaxed breath, feel the weight lift away, click on “A Year on Market” and it is pure enjoyment from there. Thank you very much for doing this.

  2. Amen to that comment!

  3. So awesome

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