November 25, 2018, 418 North Market

By: badkins55

Nov 25 2018

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This afternoon as Lamb Chopped I were driving home I noticed David painting on the east side of the street.  You have probably seen David at work, too.  If you talk to him a bit he will invite you to paint his car and the vehicle looks like quite a few people have taken him up on the offer.

Anyway, what really made me take notice is that the subject of David’s painting today has been in Lamb Chop’s family for well over a hundred years.  He mentioned that the yellow of the walls was truly unique (and I think he matched it well).

David had a beautiful day to work outside and he was a pleasure to talk to.  If you see him on the street, say hi and he might invite you to paint his car.

One comment on “November 25, 2018, 418 North Market”

  1. That’s a great image, with the painting and the structure both in view. I have seen him painting on North Market; I also saw him doing the same chore a month ago over by the Barbara Fritchie house. He said he was on his way from Allentown to Arizona, I recall.

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