January 2, 2019, 100 West Church

By: badkins55

Jan 02 2019

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Focal Length:110mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The light was pretty dreary all day today so you might understand why the warm lights in this office building caught my eye.  And for me, having the delicate branches of the winter tree in front of the stark, white woodwork was a plus.

2 comments on “January 2, 2019, 100 West Church”

  1. A beautiful photo, with the wreath balanced by the branches. I could use a shot like this for a Christmas card.
    And this is a law office familiar to me, ever since the days long ago when the practice of Rosenstock & McSherry was located there.

  2. Thanks chemjim! We also love the ambiance and location of this beautiful building. Thank you for sharing that piece of history. That sure was a long time ago. Having been in this location for such a long time I don’t recall it ever being anything but Salisbury, McLister & Foley.

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