This photo blog is a personal project to take a picture on Market Street everyday for a year.  I have defined Market Street as starting at the south at Mt. Olivet Cemetery and then continuing north for about 2 1/8 miles to the old Coca Cola plant just beyond Thomas Johnson High School.  There are no other firm rules yet.  Just one published photo, every day, for one year, on Market Street.  Wish me luck…   Bill Adkins

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  1. Hey! It was great meeting you tonight as you shot over my shoulder! What a GREAT year long project!

    • After I found your shot I didn’t even bother looking for a back-up photo for today’s entry. I knew Holly and Chris would be a keeper. Thanks again…

      • Hi Bill – Great to see your new blog! Wonderful images. It’s also good to see you’re embracing the digital technology, we’ve found it to match the older film work with a little bit different feel and a lot more options. Hope to see you downtown again in the future, until then keep producing those great images of our hometown. – Russ & Cindy

  2. Russ, Cindy, Thanks so much. It’s been fun… Bill

  3. What a great project! I’m looking forward to seeing your shots.
    I used to live at 231 S. Market, and had a studio for a while in the Castle Building. There’s so much going on on Market.
    Best wishes,

  4. I just viewed all of your photos to date….great shots! I live in Wisconsin now but grew up in Frederick….I enjoyed seeing your photos of my hometown. Eventhough I haven’t lived there for 25 years, I still go to fredericknewspost.com daily. I came across the article about your project today. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. Bill – What a fabulous project. I can only imagine what these photos will mean 100 years from now. You are capturing an innovative slice of life for generations to come. Best regards to you & Nancy – Jeannie (from the old Mall Cinemas crew)

  6. Bill, saw your story in the FNP and just had to check out your blog. Great shots. They bring a small town feel back to the ever-growing Frederick by focusing on just one little scene/item at a time.
    I, too, wasnt thrilled initially w/Digital, but now would NEVER go back to 35mm. I love it. If I may make a suggestion, at the end of your project, those photos would make for a nice 365 DVD slideshow set to some background music (one of my latest fun things that Ive discovered to do with the beauty of digital) —betcha people would buy it. I look forward to seeing more pics. Keep up the good work.

  7. thanks for posting my cube! i would love to meet you!

  8. Bill, I saw your project mentioned on the Tom Waters site and couldn’t resist coming over to check out the project. What a great idea. As a long time ‘native’ Fredericktonian I’m looking forward to viewing all your shots. I still have my dance recital pictures starting from around 15 years ago when my girls were young and attended ADC. Best of luck with the project!!!

  9. Nice work, and a cool project!

  10. Paul,

    Nice photo of the Autumnal Equinox!

    Your astronomical description is a little off though. The days have been getting shorter and the nights longer since the summer solstice. The summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere) is when the sun is on its northern most track, and the winter solstice on its southern most point in the sky. The Equinoxes occur halfway in between–that is over the equator.

    Equinox means “equal night”. Not strictly true that day and night are of equal length at that time for a complicated reason–but close enough and it is a good way to help you remember.


  11. These are fantastic photos of Market St. Can you get a book together by Christmas? They are so beautiful, it should be on coffee tables all over Frederick! Please consider it!

  12. This may have been asked already (looks like Susan did, above) but any chance of publishing a book? Would so love to have a print collection. I agree – every coffee table in Frederick should have one!

  13. I love your photos & I think this is such a wonderful journey! Any chance you’d produce a calendar of these incredible shots?

  14. Bill,
    Can you buy prints of your pictures? Our new home is one of the pictures and would love to have it framed

  15. These pictures are beautiful. Captured are all those things we look over when we’ve lived here long, and all the things visitors notice right away. Frederick can be so charming, great work!

  16. Bill,
    I am Cathy Baucom, one of the owners of “The Knot House”, I would love to have the picture that you took in front of our shop. My email is Cathy@knothouseyarns.com, if you would let me know how I can purchase this picture I would love it.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
    Cathy Baucom

  17. Bill, thank you so much for the wonderful picture of Gareth at the candlelight vigil. It was absolutely serendipitous that you happened by that night. I think it was the only time in my life I didn’t bring my camera with me! Can you let me know how I could purchase a copy? It would be a treasure, as he heads off to college next year. And I vote for the book too!

  18. Thank you for sharing this project and your work. I was excited to look for the photo of my house after I saw you exiting your vehicle, camera in hand! I walk my dog many times a day and am astounded by the beauty of downtown in various light and weather!

  19. Hi Mr. Adkins. Wonder if you can help me please
    I live at the corner of N Market and East 7th
    When I went out to water the flowers in my pots on 7th this morning I found about 20 plants had been pulled out and thrown onto sidewalk or street plus bloom from hydrangea bush had been broken off and thrown onto street.
    I am inquiring of you because I know you take photos everyday and may have heard someone else speak of it happening to them. Pretty sure it’s not squirrels!
    Many thanks. Barbara Palmer

    • Barbara, I have not heard of anything else like this happening in that area. You should probably say something to the police just so they have a record. Take care…. Bill

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